Nabou is now the owner of "Femme Design".  Not getting the chance to live with her parents and loosing her dad at the age of 28, did not stop her from becoming a productive young adult.  Nabou works hard day in and day out and goes above and beyon to help her family members.  

Nabou likes to learn new technologies.  She enjoys making and selling clothes as well as producing fashion.  Thanks to her grand parents who provided a positive and a safe environment for her.  

The death of a loved one, a loss of a job, a serious illness, or a traumatic event, are all challenging experiences. Many people react to such circumstances with sadness and a sense of uncertainty.  Yet some people may be able to adapt to these life-changing situations.  Resilience helps people cope with stressful experiences.  One great example of resilience is Seynabou who lost her father at the age of 28...  

 Growing up, Seynabou did not get the chance to live with both of her parents.  Yet, after her teen years, she used resilience and chose to live a productive life.